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I have a perfect face, flawless body, funny personality - What else You need? :oI'm a petite babe with very, very tight holes - and they are all Yours... Don't be afraid to talk to me and ask me what I like or if I'll do something special for you. Most likely, not much will offend me unless you're being rude or threatening.

If I am consenting and all of my hard limits are assessed, I absolutely love to be dominated. Taking me over your knee and spanking me hard or pulling my hair will get me very excited. I enjoy being tied up and restrained and talked dirty to. Submission is my favorite position, but I can but dominant if you need me to. I am turned on my pleasing others.

I'm constantly dreaming up steamy fantasies, so I might not be able to include all of them on here. Don't be afraid to ask me if I have ever fantasized about something in particular. I often fantasize about performing oral sex while on my knees with my hands tied behind my back and my pony tail being pulled upwards. Also, being pushed up against the wall and having my neck lightly restrained is a major turn on. Ask me.and i will say YES !!!!!

you have here a very open minded girl The sweet sexy girl next door by day and the freakiest bitch you have ever meet by night i enjoy foot play, ass play, pussy play. love my toys. if i have a hole that's not full, i must fill it. maybe with you

masturbate, Leather, rubber, vinyl, latex Domination and submission Feet and hands Kissing, Fingernails and lipstick Braids, ponytails, pigtails Voyeurism and exhibitionism breast play, Anal MyCustody!My slave forever as you become addicted to me.This is your chance to serve and have triggers thrown at you as you readily obey My hypnotically laced commands.I love giving them everything they deserve Domination (mild to wild) Full fetish(including Shoes,Gloves,Boots,PVC& Leather,CatSuit,for Strap-On !

I'm a real fairy, making all of Your fantasies come true. Try my magic.

Doggy style.

I like to be watched when pleasuring myself


I love giving blow jobs to men and feel their big dicks slide down into my throat. There is no greater feeling for me than having their cum in my mouth. If You got turned on enter into my room. I can make Your day.

Pretty and bitch Emma jerk but deny orgasm

Pretty and bitch Emma jerk but deny orgasm